Fabregas finally leaves Arsenal

Cesc Fabregas. Arsenal legend? or a top class player that should have left Arsenal years ago?

fbMaking his Arsenal debut age just 16 it was clear to all the potential the little midfielder had and he just got better and better over the coming years, finally cementing his place in the team with some fine displays of midfield brilliance in Arsenal’s 2005-2006 European Cup run. His performances against Real Madrid and especially Juventus were a breath of fresh air as he ran ex-gunner legend Patrick Viera’s tiring legs ragged in the match at Highbury. A stand out performance against AC Milan a year later scoring the winning goal capped a fantastic ‘Cesc inspired’ by win for the gunners. For a time, we all thought this guy could lead us to a series of titles and trophies.

His best season for Arsenal was in 2009-10 where Cesc scored many important goals and assists, including a great solo effort against Tottenham. His last great year for the club. Sadly he spent much of last season injured and clearly looking unhappy and visibly less interested in Arsenal team matters.

Most Arsenal supporters love Cesc Fabregas and I’m a big fan of his ability, plus I think he comes over as a genuine good guy, but for me, he is not an ‘Arsenal man’ like some players before him. Even those with lesser ability than himself. I don’t believe Cesc has Arsenal in his blood and I’m sure he would admit that himself, hence deserting the team mates he ‘captained’ on the last game of last season enjoying himself at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona when he should have instead been earning his huge wages and showing solidarity with the club that pays him. Let’s face it, he was leaving England and Arsenal at as many given opportunities as he could grasp. He always spoke well of Arsenal which saved him from too much criticism from the fans but in the end, everyone was bored rigid of his transfer saga and whether he meant to or not, he caused damage to Arsenal this past year.

So goodbye Cesc, thanks for some great performances and some good years developing yourself at Arsenal. Except for not winning anything, it’s been good for us and for you. You will be remembered fondly, missed by some but not by all.


-GoonerGifts crew

Arsenal transfer policy: sensible or shambolic?

With under two weeks to go before the start of the season, many of us loyal Gooners are wondering why the signings we’ve been promised have yet to materialise. What exactly is the reason for this and will we actually bring in a further two or three significant players who will improve us this season?

There is no doubt that the limbo that is the Fabregas situation is not helping at all, nor Nasri flirting with any club that winks an eye at him, but still, is it not sensible for the club and manager to separate these two players and concentrate on an Arsenal without them? surely if we did bring in big and impressive signings we could sell on these two without the worry of replacing them. In Nasri’s case, perhaps if we show more ambition he might even be happy to sign on for another two or three years?

Just waiting to sell before we buy seems to me like a defeatist and suicidal policy that is purely driven by financial agendas. Yes, we are a business as well as a football club it’s true but all businesses that have a stable base need to invest in their product or risk falling behind.

Wenger is playing a dangerous game with his job in sticking to this policy so strictly. If we don’t bring in some powerful reinforcements soon he risks a terrible backlash from all the disgruntled fans that could see us shatter the players confidence at home games. As it stands I see us losing quite a few games at the grove this year because the atmosphere is as bad as I’ve known it it in 25 years going to the games.

I know we’ve probably tried and failed in acquiring our top targets and in the managers defence some of the figures quoted for players like Cahill, a man who almost single-handedly was at fault for four of the goals in Bolton’s semi-final last year, is ridiculous. How can a generally unproven centre back in the last year of his contract be worth £18m?  Also, how can Valencia charge greedy and crazy money for a player that has never played premiership football and might turn out to be another Reyes?

It is no surprise that our tight fisted club are not willing to gamble such large sums of money for these types of unproven players. Having said that, with what we’ve got, we’re looking at fourth position come next May. And I’m being optimistic there. Fourth spot and spending hardly anything isn’t bad considering how the game as a whole is being ruined by oil billionaires and sleazy bastards.
waiting for his chance
My take on it is that we might have to accept not winning anything for a while longer but Arsenal should reflect that in their tickets prices. Communicate to the fans that this is our policy, we’re not at the same spending level as the super-rich and we’re aiming for an FA cup and champions league spot as success and therefore for the time being we’re re-adjusting the ticket prices accordingly. Now sit down and enjoy the football.  Anyone else think that’s fair?  Or anyone think that our weird American owner should put his hands in his pockets or consider selling his shares to the fat Russian, who at least, would probably show more financial ambition. Out of those two, I’m not sure who’s worse to be honest.

Thanks for reading.

-The GoonerGifts crew

Gervinho has medical and Nasri


Today’s rumours are that Gervinho is this afternoon having a medical at

London Colney. Good news, but reports over inconsistencies and his aerial ability are concerning.

The 24 year old likes to play out on the flanks and move inside, whether he can do that with half of the end product of Thierry Henry is doubtful but he is known to score eye catching goals so definitely interesting to see how he fits into the team in the pre-season warm ups.

I still think Arsenal could use another proven goal scorer but with Wenger using a lone striker system this is doubtful. Read more

Arsenal for Benzema?


There is a lot of speculation this morning that Arsenal are preparing an outrageous £27m bid for Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema.

If this is true, and were it to happen, it would be a fantastic signing for the club and give everyone associated with Arsenal a massive lift, especially the current squad. Read more

Arsenal need signings


Arsenal fan is everywhere are becoming increasingly frustrated and impatient with the clubs lack of transfer spending this summer.

Though Arsene Wenger promised a busy summer with much activity happening early on, so far this hasn’t happened and instead the majority of rumours centre around the departure of Gael Clichy, the unsettled Samir Nasri and, of course, the boring and annual debate over our ‘Captain’ Cesc Fabregas’s inevitable departure to what I can only describe as the best team in the world that has absolutely no class or decency outside of their technical ability. Read more